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 人教版(2019 )必修一 unit 3 reading and thinking 学校:___________姓名:___________班级:________考号:___________

 一、填空题 1.I stood there and watched my father ______(sweat) in his shirt before rising to play the piano. 2.My friend suggested that we should sit down to work ______ a practical solution. 3.He fought the illness with courage and

  (determine ). 4.The days are gone when physical _______________ (strong) was all you needed to make a living. 5.The other

 (injure) man had a superficial stomach wound. 6.Do not let any ______________ (fail) discourage you, for you can never tell how close you may be to victory. 7.Could you tell me how have you made

  in this sport? 8.In nineteen sixty, Wilma Rudolph became the first American woman to win three gold ____________ (medal) in one Olympics. 9.I feel ______________ (honour) to have a chance to go abroad for further study next year. 10.Once you have_______________ ( master) the language, you will find it easy to understand the story. 二 、单句改错 1.It is up for you to determine the settings at this point. _________________________________________ 2.You’re brave and courageous. You can make that. _______________________________________ 3.Why don’t you play football instead of just look on? ________________________________________ 4.In bed,I rest my head on a soft pillow filling with feathers. _______________________________________________ 5.We strongly recommend to reporting the incident to the police. ________________________________________________ 三 、阅读理解

  Many places around the world host marathons that aim to provide their runners with a special experience. If you’re planning to run a race, check out some of these beautiful marathon destinations.

  Inca Trail Marathon

  Are you up for a challenge? Hosted at Cusco, Peru, the Inca Trail Marathon is regarded as one of the most difficult marathons in the world. With Cusco’s rich history of being once the capital of the Inca Empire, participants can explore several ancient archeological sites. During the run, participants will get to see the surprising landscape of the “Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley.

  Athens Marathon

  Held in Greece, the Athens Marathon is perfect for those of you who are interested in history, mythology(神话), and architecture. There are many tourist spots and historic sites to visit like the Parthenon

 and the Acropolis of Athens. During the race, audience will be cheering on the participants creating an atmosphere similar to the Olympics.

  Big Sur International Marathon

  Held at Carmel, California, the Big Sur International Marathon is known as the world’s largest rural marathon. Before the race, participants generally visit the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium(水族馆), which owns rich animals. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is another attraction stretching from 3000-foot mountain ridges(山脉) to underwater canyons and rocky seaside cliffs.

  Big Five Marathon

  Located at Limpopo, South Africa, participants can explore and check out the wildlife of the African savannah. The marathon is held in one of the “Big Five” game reserves in Africa. There are no fences or rivers that separate the runners from the African wildlife. Make sure to keep your mind clear. You might find an elephant or even find yourself running alongside giraffes. 1.At Inca Trail Marathon, participants can ________. A.make the best performance

 B.enjoy ancient architecture C.learn about the Inca Empire

  D.run through the Sacred Valley 2.What do participants often do before Big Sur International Marathon starts? A.They go up 3000-foot mountain ridges.

 B.They see all kinds of sea creatures. C.They visit underwater canyons.

  D.They climb rocky seaside cliffs. 3.If you are interested in buildings, you are advised to take part in ______. A.Athens Marathon

  B.Inca Trail Marathon C.Big Sur International Marathon

  D.Big Five Marathon 4.What should runners do when participating in Big Five Marathon? A.Protect the wild animals.

 B.Avoid meeting wild animals. C.Keep watch for wild animals.

  D.Be careful not to fall into rivers. 四 、七选五

  Last summer, over 12, 000 fans were at Wembley Arena in London, shouting and cheering. Thousands more were watching online. 1.______ It was esports (电子竞技), or competitive computer gaming. The prize money for the winners : £ 3 million.

  Millions of people in the UK play games for fun. Some of them have become professional gamers, playing games as their full-time job. 2.______ They practise for ten or more hours a day, five or six days a week. They do exercises like typing something and trying to type it faster and faster. They also study videos of other players and plan ways to beat them.

 3.________ You can watch games on video sites. They can be exciting to watch. Sometimes online viewers can interact with the game. For example, some games rename characters in the game with the names of online viewers. But are esports really sports? Are players athletes? Some say no. 4._______ At the moment, the UK government classifies esports as kinds of games, not as sports.

 But others say yes : esports are sports. Players do need some physical skills, especially hand-eye coordination (协调)and timing. Snooker (斯诺克台球)and shooting are classified as sports. 5.______ In fact, the governments of China and ROK do classify esports as sports. A.Then perhaps esports should be, too. B.They prove popular throughout the world. C.Instead, it has great influence on their health. D.It"s not easy being a professional gamer, though. E.But this wasn’t a football, basketball or tennis match. F.As well as playing games, many people like watching them, too. G.Esports players don’t need to run, jump, throw or do big physical actions.

 参考答案 一 一 填空题 1.客观填空 sweating 解析:句意:我站在那里,看着我的爸爸在起身弹钢琴之前就汗流浃背了。watch sb. doing sth.意为"看着某人做某事",表示动作正在进行。

 2.答案:out 3.答案:determination 4.答案:strength 解析:strength 句意:依靠体力去谋生的日子已经一去不复返了。所填的词作主语,所以用名词形式。

 5.答案:injured 6.答案:failures 解析:failures 句意:不要因失败气馁,因为你永远无法判断你离胜利 是多么的近。failures 意为“失败的事情”,表示具体的概念。

 7.答案:it 8.答案:medals 解析:medals 句意:在 1960 年,威尔玛•鲁道夫成为第一个在一届奥运会上获得三块金牌的美国女性 medal 是可数名词,根据 three 可知要用复数形式。

 9.答案:honoured 解析:honoured 句意:我非常荣幸能有一个明年到国外进修的机会。

 honour 和 I之间为动宾关系,所以用动词-ed 形式作表语; 10.答案:mastered 解析:mastered 句意:你一旦掌握了这门语言,你就会发现这个故事 很容易理解:根据前面的 have可知,此处是现在完成时,所以填 动词-ed 形式。

 二 二 单句改错 1.答案:for → to 解析:

 be up to 意为“该由……负责,在于……”。

 2.答案:that →it 解析:

 短语 make it意为“成功”。

 3.答案:look →booking 解析:

 instead of 是介词短语,动词在其后 要用-ing 形式。

 4.答案:filling →filled 解析:

 在逻辑上 pillow是 fill 的宾语,故要 用 fill 的过去分词形式做 pillow 的定语。

 5.答案:去掉第一个 to 解析:

 动词 recommend 的用法:recommend doing sth.。


 阅读理解 答案:

 1.C; 2.B; 3.A; 4.C

 解析:1.细节理解题。根据第二段中的“With Cusco’s rich history of being once the capital of the Inca Empire, participants can explore several ancient archeological sites.”可知,在 Inca Trail Marathon,参赛者可探索几个考古遗址,了解印加帝国的历史。

 2.细节理解题。根据第四段中的“Before the race,participants generally visit the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium,which owns rich animals. ”可知,比赛前选手通常会参观世界级海洋馆。

 3.细节理解题。根据第三段中的“…the Athens Marathon is perfect for those of you who are interested in history, mythology,and architecture.”可知,在 Athens Marathon 中,选手可以了解到历史、神话以及建筑风格。

 4.细节理解题。根据最后一段可知,因为 Big Five Marathon 并没有把选手与野生动物用栅栏隔开,因此选手在奔跑的过程中随时会遇见这些野生动物,所以选手跑的时候要当心野生动物。

 四 四 七选五. 答案:EDFGA 解析:1.E.根据空后的“It was esports, or competitive computer gaming”可 判断,不是足球赛、篮球或网球比赛,所以选 E项。

 2.D 根据空后的 “They practise for ten or more hours a day, five or six days a week.”可知,D项“成为专业玩家不容易”符合语境。

 3.F 根据空后的 “You can watch games on video sites. They can be exciting to watch.”可知,F项“除了玩游戏,很多人也喜欢符它们" 可承接上文。

 4.G 根据空前的 “But are esports really sports? Are players athletes? Some say no.”可判断,这里的句子用来解释原因、判断.电子竞技玩家不需要跑、跳、扔或做大的身体动作,所以选 G项。

 5.A 根据空前的“Snooker and shooting are classified as sports."可知, A项“那么也许电子竞技也应该(归类为体育运动)”,故选 A项 3

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