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  Unit 3

 Ⅰ.用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.It’s an important meeting.

  (not be) late.


 (lucky), no one was on the beach before the tsunami arrived.

 3.Put on more clothes, or you

  (catch) a cold.


  (not say) anything about it.

 5.We need someone with medical


 Ⅱ.用所给词或短语的适当形式填空 be proud of, warn, on its way, listen, hit, medicine, brave, trouble, funny, harmful 6.He likes telling

  jokes to make us happier.

 7.Do you learn English by

  to the radio?


  China for its long history and colourful culture.

 9.—I was walking under the tree when an apple fell on my head. —Well, you got a lucky


 10.A tsunami was

  across the sea but the tourists didn’t notice it.

 11.We are going to raise money for

  research because there are more and more strange diseases around the world.

 12.We talked and laughed loudly in the library so they

  us to keep quiet.

 13.We should thank the

  firefighters for saving our lives.

 14.—Little John has

  learning English.

  —He can join a Language Club then. 15.As we all know, junk food does

  to us.

 Ⅲ.单项选择 (


  read in bed. It’s bad for your eyes!

  —OK, Mum. A.don’t B.doesn’t C.didn’t D.can’t (

 )17.Although the dog doesn’t bark, you must

  it. care for

 B.take care of careful of

 D.take care


 )18.The man with a pair of

  drank two

  of coffee.; glasses

 B.glasses; glasses C.glasses; glass; glass (

 )19.I’m not sure about it. It

  be wrong.

 A.must B.mustn’t C.could D.can’t (

 )20.This dictionary

  be Tom’s. His name is on it.

 A.might B.may C.can’t D.must Ⅳ.阅读理解填词

  There are many things that you should be careful with when you are 21.a

  at home. Listen to the following solutions to 22.p



  the door locked when you are alone at home. Many people think it’s the best way to protect 24.t


  Keep a list of phone numbers to call for 25.h

  such as 110 or a neighbour’s number.

 Be 26.c

  with the electrical appliances(电器). If you don’t know 27.h

  to use them, ask your parents. Make a safety check before going to sleep.

 Look 28.t

  the peephole(窥视孔) when you hear the doorbell. If there are strangers, ask “Who’s 29.t

 ?” with the door locked and say “Come back later.” Don’t tell them that your parents are 30.a

 . Say “Mum’s having a shower.” or “Dad’s having a sleep.”


 Ⅰ.1.Don’t be 2.Luckily 3.will catch 4.not say Ⅱ.6.funny 7.listening 8.are proud of 9.hit 10.on its way 11.medical 12.warned 13.brave 14.trouble 15.harm Ⅲ.16.A

 17.C 句意:虽然这只狗不叫,但你必须小心。be care for 是错误结构,故排除 A;take care of 意为“照顾”;be careful of意为“小心”;take care意为“注意”。根据 “Although the dog doesn’t bark”,可知,尽管狗不叫,但还是要小心它,从句意上排除 B。D 选项后面不能接宾语。故选 C。

 18.B 19.C 20.D Ⅳ.21.alone 22.protect 23.Keep

 24.themselves 26.careful 28.through 29.that 30.away

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