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  A 【2020·全国 I 卷】

 A Few Tips for Self-Acceptance We all want it to accept and love ourselves. But at times it seems too difficult and too far out of reach.


  Here’s a handful of ways that will set you in the right direction. ●


  Do not follow the people who make you feel not-good-enough. Why do you follow them? Are you hoping that eventually you will feel empowered because your life is better than theirs? Know that your life is your own; you are the only you in this world. ●Forgive yourself for mistakes that you have made. We are often ashamed of our shortcomings, our mistakes and our failures.


  You will make mistakes time and time again. Rather than getting caught up in how you could have done better, why not offer yourself a compassionate(有同情心) response? “That didn’t go as planned. But, I tried my best.” ●Recognize all of your strengths. Write them down in a journal. Begin to train your brain to look at strength before weakness. List all of your accomplishments and achievements. You have a job, earned your degree, and you got out of bed today.


 ●Now that you’ve listed your strengths, list your imperfections. Turn the page in your journal. Put into words why you feel unworthy, why you don’t feel good enough. Now, read these words back to yourself.


  Turn to a page in your journal to your list of strengths and achievements. See how awesome you are? A. Feeling upset again? B. Where do you start? C. Nothing is too small to celebrate. D. Remember, you are only human. E Set an intention for self-acceptance. F. Stop comparing yourself with others. G. When does the comparison game start? 【答案】BFDCA 【解析】本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍了自我接纳的一些方法,如不要和他人比较,原谅自己所犯的错,认识自己的优点等。

 1.根据空格处下一句及下文可知后面作者是提出了一些自我接纳的方法,B 项(从哪里开始呢?)符合语境,故选 B。

 优 选 例 题

 2.根据文章结构可知,此处为小标题,且根据空格处后文“Know that your life is your own; you are the only you in this world.”可知,你的生活是你自己的,不要去和别人比较,故选 F。

 3.根据空格处下句“You will make mistakes time and time again.” (你会一次又一次地犯错误。)可知 D 项(记住,你只是人。)符合语境,故选 D。

 4.空格处上一句列举了一些小的成就,C 项(任何小的成就都值得庆祝。)符合语境,故选 C。

 5.根据空格处上文可知,列举完了优点,也要列举缺点,在日记中写下为什么觉得自己不够好。A 项(又一次感觉到失望吗?)符合语境,故选 A。

 B 【2020·全国 II 卷】

 Emoji( 表情符号) and Workplace Communication In Asia, messaging platforms are growing rapidly, with users in the hundreds of millions, both at work and play.


  . It’s been reported that 76 percent of employees in some western countries are using emojis at work. Written communications can often read as cold and dull. Using emojis can add humor and feeling, keeping intention clear.


  , encouraging better and more frequent communication. In any given office, employees can range from age 22 to 70 and beyond, and finding common ground in communication style can be a challenge.


  . While the younger generations prefer to communicate visually, for those used to working with traditional tools like email, it may feel like a learning curve(曲线). The good news is that it’s simple to learn and can be worth the effort. There is also the matter of tone(语气). Who hasn’t received an email so annoying that it ruined an entire day?


  . Emoji can help communication feel friendlier, and even a serious note can be softened with an encouraging smile.


  , and emoji can contribute directly to that positive outcome. And when your employees begin adding smiling emojis to their business communication, you’ll know you have succeeded in improving your work culture. A. Messages with emojis feel more conversational

 B. Even a formal email can seem cold and unfriendly C. Sending smiling faces to colleagues may seem strange

 D. The popularity of these platforms is spreading globally

 E. Giving employees the tools enables them to communicate honestly

 F. Studies show that friendlier communication leads to a happier workplace

 G. An easy way to bring all work generations together is with a chat platform 【答案】DAGBF


 6.考查细节支撑句。根据 36 空前的关键词 In Asia 和 platforms,以及空后的 76 percent of employees 和 western countries,可知不仅是亚洲,在西方国家也很受欢迎,故 D 选项(这些平台的受欢迎程度正在全球蔓延)符合。其中 platforms 词汇复现,故选 D。

 7.考查细节支撑句。根据 37 空前可知书面交流通常被认为冷漠和无趣,空后的“encouraging better and more frequent communication”是说鼓励更好更频繁的交流,可知选 A。

 8.考查细节支撑句。根据 38 空前 range from age 22 to 70 and beyond 和空后的 younger generations,可知选 G。

 9.考查过渡衔接句。根据 39 空前“谁没有收到过毁掉了一整天的邮件呢?”,可知 B 选项(甚至一封正式的电子邮件也会显得冷淡和不友好)符合。故选 B。

 10.考查主旨概括句。根据上文阐述的内容,40 空是一个主题句。空格后句说:表情符号可以直接促成这种积极的结果,空处也应该是表情符号的积极影响,所用 and 连接。因此选项 F(研究表明,更友好的沟通会使得工作场所更加让人愉快)符合。故选 F。

  A 【山东省青岛市 2021 届高三下学期 3 月统一质量检测英语试题】

 Shooting down an ice-covered track, a bobsled can go faster than 80 miles an hour.


  The answer is a combination of athletics and science. At the start of a race, the crews push their sled, building up speed before they jump in for the ride. For months before the race, the crew members have built up explosive power in their legs. That means doing a lot of jumps and sprints. It also means pushing heavy sleds! The push is the crew’s only chance to add speed.


  The design of the sled’s runners(滑板) reduces their friction with the ice.


  They may not melt enough ice 模 拟 优 练

 for a fast ride. Runners that are too rounded may become too warm, softening the ice and slowing the sled down.


  The rules state that all runners must be made of the same type of steel, and crews may polish them using only approved materials. Before each race, officials check the temperature of the runners. Runners may not be more than a few degrees warmer than the ice.


  But remember the sled must not be too fast — the crew still needs to be able to reach the bottom safely. A. Why do people go for the sport? B. Crews polish their runners for a fast ride. C. The riders sit inside a hard shell, called cowling. D. How do bobsleds go faster than cars on a highway? E. A hot runner will melt more ice and may possibly go faster. F. Runners that are too flat would spread the friction over a wide area. G. All other work goes into keeping other forces from slowing the bobsled down.

 B 【内蒙古包头市 2021 届高三第一次模拟考试英语试题 】

 Little Habits Make a Big Difference Everything around us is changing at amazing speed, it seems but some things will always remain the same.


  Some of our daily habits have the power to always give us happiness and lead us toward success. Here are some little habits that can make a big difference:


  Many studies have linked early rising with success. An early morning wake-up carries benefits including better planning and anticipation(预料) of problems, and more time to do the things that make you happy. Happiness comes to those who are curious.


  As long as you live, there will always be something to learn, and as long as you follow your heart and your passions, you won’t miss out on learning. Believe in yourself and all that your are.


  Confidence is the key to success — the thing that lets you look at the past without regret, stay grounded in the present, and prepare for the future without fear. A day well spent gets you a good night sleep. Enough sleep makes you feel healthier and happier, and it’s more than lifting up your mood or removing exhaustion. Adequate sleep is a key part of your health and inner happiness.


  It doesn’t take a huge effort to make a significant change in your life — using one or two tiny habits may be all

 you need. Get started today and you’ll soon be experiencing the rewards. A. That’s why habits are so powerful. B. The ground work of all happiness is good health. C. Early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. D. The habit of respect means treating everyone with kindness. E. Nothing will ever make you happier than having faith in yourself. F. When you rest better, you can live better and achieve more happiness. G. There is no stage in life when we can’t be learning something valuable.

 C 【江西省九校 2021 届高三下学期一模联考英语试题】

 How to Bake Absolutely Anything If you’ve never baked before, this guide will explain the basic foundations of baking, offer tips for baking specific food groups, and suggest a few recipes to get you started baking.


  Read the whole recipe before you start. We’ve all gotten half-way through a recipe only to find we don’t have any buttermilk. Plus, a quick read can help you prepare for what’s ahead, particularly if there are any techniques with which you’re not familiar. Use butter at the right temperature.


  It is the right consistency for creaming with sugar. Biscuit and pie pastry recipes call for ice-cold butter in order to create the flakiest layers. If your butter isn’t the correct temperature, your bakes won’t mix up the way they should.


 When it comes to baking, it’s always preferable to measure your ingredients by weight rather than volume. This ensures you get exactly the right proportions. It may not be critical for something simple like a pan of cake, but it’s important with picky baked items, such as macarons. Freeze cookie dough.

 We know how tempting it is to get your cookies in the oven the second you’re done mixing up your dough.


  And it prevents cookies from spreading too much. Do not skip this step! Cool cakes completely before frosting. Always let your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies cool completely before frosting them. If they are too warm, the frosting will slide right off the top of your cake or melt and dip in.


  If you don’t have one, take the cover off your ironing board and use the board as a cooling shelf.

 A. Use the right butter. B. Weigh all your ingredients. C. If they are cool, it will be great. D. Cooling shelves speed up the process. E. Most cake an...

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