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  Unit 3

 Ⅰ.用所给动词的适当形式填空 1.At this time yesterday we

  (stand) at the top of the mountain, but at the moment we

 (lie) in bed.

 2.It was about seven o’clock, and I

  (help) with the housework at home.


  (not do) his homework. Instead, he was playing computer games.

 4.We couldn’t move on. It

  (be) difficult to see the road clearly because it

  (rain) hard.

 5.He turned around and

  (ask) who

  (knock) at the door.

 Ⅱ.按要求完成下列各题 6.He was having breakfast at this time yesterday.(对画线部分提问)


  at this time yesterday?

 7.We played baseball yesterday.(用 at 4 yesterday afternoon 改写句子) We

  baseball at 4 yesterday afternoon.

 8.It was too dark for her to see anything.(改为同义句) It was


  she couldn’t see anything.

 9.You’re clever to make such a decision.(改为同义句)


  to make such a decision.

  Ⅲ.单项选择 (

 )10.Our English teacher is ill and Mr Wang will


 A.take the place of

 B.take place C.take place of

 D.take the place (

 )11 Emily, you’re playing video games again! Study hard,

  you will fail in the coming exam.

 A.then C.and D.or (

 )12. The boss was late for the meeting because his alarm clock didn’t


 A.go off

 B.go out C.go on

 D.go down (

 )13.It’s kind

  to offer us so much help.

  A.of her

 B.for she C.of she

 D.for her Ⅳ.阅读理解填词

  We confirmed that Jim was locked in the hut. We spent two nights digging a 14.h

  under the hut. We came up under Jim’s bed. He was very surprised to see us. We 15.p

  Jim to free him when we were ready. Then we climbed 16.t

  the hole back to our bedroom and talked about a plan.

 Tom wanted to make an adventure. He wrote a letter to Uncle Silas telling him somebody was planning to steal Jim. I put the letter under the front door. We waited 17.f

  the chance to free Jim.

 The next night, some men were in Uncle Silas’s sitting room—all with guns! We jumped out of the bedroom window and climbed into the hut. “Come on, Jim!” Tom whispered. “Huck, you go first. Then you, Jim. I’ll go 18.l


  We heard somebody 19.s

 , “The thieves have stolen Jim!” We quickly climbed out and ran towards the fence.

 We kept running like our 20.f

  were on fire. We made it to the fence. I jumped over the fence and Jim followed me. Tom was right behind us. 21.U

 , he caught his trousers on a nail. He pulled 22.t

  free but the men heard the noise. They started shooting. We ran to the river and jumped into the canoe. We lay down, out of breath.

  “Jim! You’re a free man!” I said. We were all happy and Tom was the 23.h


 “It was a great adventure,” Tom said. “And look! I got a bullet in my leg!”

 It was true. His leg was bleeding badly but he considered it as part of the adventure. —Taken from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


 Ⅰ. 1.were standing; are lying 2.was helping 3.wasn’t doing 4.was; was raining 5.asked; was knocking Ⅱ.6.What was; doing 7.were playing; that 9.It’s; of you Ⅲ.10—13 ADAA Ⅳ.14.hole 15.promised 16.through 17.for 18.last 19.shouting 20.feet 21.Unluckily 22.them 23.happiest

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