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  Unit 5Do you want to w atch a game show? ?

  21.look like 看起来像

  22.around the world 全世界

 23.a symbol of……的象征

  24.let sb. do sth.让某人做某事

  25.plan to do sth.计划/打算做某事

  26.hope to do sth.希望做某事 27.happen to do sth.碰巧做某事

  28.expect to do sth.盼望做某事

  29.How about doing…?做……怎么样?

 30.be ready to do sth.乐于做某事

  31.try one’s best to do sth.尽力做某事 用法集萃

 1. I can’t stand it! 我不能忍受它/我受不了它!

 stand: 顺利接受;忍受(多用于否定句、疑问句)

 can"t stand sth.不能忍受某物 can"t stand doing sth.不能忍受做某事

  can"t stand sb.doing sth.不能忍受某人做某事 I can"t stand the hot weather.我忍受不了炎热的天气。

 I can"t stand living here any longer.我不能忍受继续呆在这儿了。

 He can"t stand her making the same mistake again.他忍受不了她又犯同样的错误。

 拓展:与 stand 相关的短语

  stand by 站在一旁,袖手旁观

 stand for 代表,象征

  stand out 显眼,杰出,突出

  stand up 起立

  stand in line 排队

 stand up for 支持,拥护 2. I do, too. / I don’t, either. 我也… / 我也不… too 与 either 的区别:too“也”, 表示肯定意义,与肯定的表达方法连用;而 either “也不”,表示否定意义,与否定的表达方法连用。

 --My brother likes to play soccer. ?I do, too. --My brother doesn’t like to play soccer. ?I don’t, either. 3.happen Sth happen +时间/地点 某时某地发生了什么 Sth happen to sb 某人出了某事(不好的事情)

 Sb happen to do sth 某人碰巧做某事 It happened that 碰巧发生某事 4. be famous/well-known for 因什么而出名

  Be famous/well-known as 作为什么而出名 as famous as 与……一样有名 5. think of = think about 认为 What do you think of (=how do you like )this movie? What does your father think of his boss? How about doing…?做……怎么样? 6.happen vi."发生",与 take place 同义。

 I don"t know how this happened.我不知道这事是怎么发生的。

 句型:sth. happen+地点|时间状语


 sth. happen to sb.某人发生了什么事

 sth. happen to do sth.某人碰巧做某事

 A car accident happened to her this morning.今天上午她出了车祸。

 He happened to meet a friend of his on the street yesterday afternoon.


 辨析:happen 与 take place

 happen 指偶然的、计划外的事情发生。

 take place 指计划中的事情发生。

 What happened when you told him the news?你告诉他这个消息时,他有何反应?

 Great changes have taken place in my hometown.我的家乡发生了巨大的变化。

 7.successful adj.成功的,有成就的

 He is a successful manager.他是一位成功的经理。

 They are highly successful in business.他们经商非常成功。

 拓展:(1)success 不可数名词,成功


 Last week"s talent show was a great success.上周的才艺表演非常成功。



 succeed in doing sth.做某事取得成功

 China has succeeded in holding the 2008 Olympic.中国成功举办 2008 年奥运会。

 (3)successfully adv.成功地

  They finished building the bridge successfully.他们成功地建成了那座大桥。

 注意:表示"成功"的各种形式,后常接介词的 in.

 I wished her success in her new school.我祝愿她在新学校取得成功。

 8.a pair of 与 a couple of

  两 者 都 含 有 " 两 个 , 一 双 " 的 含 义 , 但 a pair of 一 定 是 配 对 的 东 西 , 如shoes,socks,gloves,trousers,scissors(剪刀)。

  而 a couple of 则是人为的组合体,不一定是配对的东西。另外它还有"几个"之意。

  Not every couple is a pair.成双未必能配对。I have seen him a couple of times.我见过他几次。


 1.I don"t mind.不介意,不在乎。

 点拨 1:

 mind v.介意,在乎。后面常跟名词、代词、动名词或从句(if\whether 引导),常用在否定句、疑问句和条件句中。

 Would you mind opening the door?你介意打开门吗?

 Let me help you,if you don"t mind.如果你不介意,让我来帮你吧。

 Do you mind if I smoke here?你介意我在这儿抽烟吗? 点拨 2:n.想法,意见,精神,心 body and mind 身心 He always reads others" mind.他总能看透别人的心思。

 2 2 .I like to follow the story and see what happens next.我喜欢跟随故事看接下来发生什么。

 点拨:follow vt. .跟随(=go after)following adj 接着的,其次的 Spring follows winter.冬去春来。

 句型 follow sb. to do sth.跟着某人做某事

 His mother followed him to see where he was going.他妈妈跟着他,看他要去哪儿。

 拓展:follow 的其他用法

 (1)follow vt.遵循,仿效

  短语:follow one"s advice 听从某人的劝告

  follow one"s example 学某人的榜样

  You should follow your teacher"s advice and work hard.你应该听老师的劝告,努力学习。

 (2)follow vt.听懂,听清

  I"m afraid I can"t follow you,sir. Could you please speak more slowly?先生,我没听清,您能说更慢点吗? 3 3 .Why do you like watching the news?你为什么喜欢看新闻?

 Because I hope to find out what"s going on around the world. 因为我希望弄清楚全世界各地正在发生的事情。

 点拨1:news n.不可数名词,新闻,新闻节目

 No news is good news.没有消息就是好消息。

 注意:与 news 有关的量词用 piece,item 等。

  a piece of news 一则消息

  two pieces of news 两则消息 拓展:newspaper 报纸(可数名词)

 a daily newspaper 一份日报

  a morning\ an evening newspaper 一份早晚报 点拨2:hope(1)v.希望


  We hope to go to the moon one day.我们希望有一天能上月球。


 短语:in the hope of 希望做。。。

 I studied hard in the hope of getting good grades.我努力学习,希望获得好成绩。

 辨析:hope 与 wish hope 作"希望"讲,是一般用语,没有 wish 的"愿望"强烈,指确信可能实现的希望,而 wish 一般表示不可能实现的愿望。

 hope for sth.

 hope to do

 hope that+从句

 注意:不能说 hope sb.to do

 wish for sth.

 wish sb. to do

  wish to do

  wish that+从句 4.He became very rich and successful.他变得既富有又成功。

 点拨 1:become


 She wants to become a teacher.她想要成为一名教师。

 辨析:become,get,turn, grow, go 与 come

 become 比 get 正式,一般指身体、职位的变化,作瞬间动词时,指状态的变化。

 get 后多接比较级,指人的感情、身体状况、自然或社会的变化。

  Her health is getting better.她的健康正在好转。

  turn 指颜色或性质的变化。

 The trees turn green.树变绿了。

  点拨 2:grow 表示"变化"时,指变化的过程,表示"渐渐地变为",多指生长性变化。

  It"s growing dark.天色渐渐暗下来。

 go 表示因某种原因进入不好的状态。

  go bad 变坏

 go wrong 出故障

 go mad 发疯了

 come 表示进入好的状态,如 come true 实现。

 注意:become 与 turn 后均接表示职业的名词,但 become 后需接不定冠词,而 turn 则不需要。

  He becomes a teacher\turns teacher.他成为一名教师。


 1.John wants to watch talk shows because they are enjoyable.约翰喜欢看访谈节目,因他们令人愉快。

 2.Who has a pair of ears more famous than Mickey"s?谁会有一双比米老鼠更有名的耳朵呢? 3.He became very rich and successful.他变得既富有又成功。

 4.I like to follow the story and see what happens next.我喜欢跟随故事看接下来发生什么。

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