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  A 【2021·浙江卷 1 月】

 In a study of 33 years of trends in Body Mass Index(体重指数) across 200 countries, the scientists found that people worldwide are getting heavier


  that most of the rise is due to gains in BMI in rural areas.

 BMI is an internationally recognized measurement tool


  gives an indication of whether someone is a healthy weight. It is calculated by dividing a


 (person) weight in kg by their height in meters squared, and a BMI of between 19 and 25


 (consider) healthy.

 The study found that between 1985 and 2017, average rural BMI increased


  2.1 in women and men. In cities, however, the gain


 (be) 1. 3 in women and 1.6 in men. The researchers described “striking changes” in the geography of BMI. In 1985, urban men and women in more than three quarters of the countries


 (study) had higher BMIs than men and women in rural areas. But 30 years later, the BMI difference between urban and rural people in many countries had narrowed



 This may be due to some disadvantages for people


 (live) in the countryside, including


 (low) levels of income and education, higher costs of healthy foods, and fewer sports facilities. 【答案】

 1. and

 2. that/which

 3. person’s

 4. is considered 5. by

  6. was

  7. studied

 8. sharply

 9. living

 10. lower 【解析】这是一篇说明文。文章介绍了如今世界各地的人体重越来越超标,主要是由于农村地区的体重指数(BMI)增加了,并分析了其中的原因。

 1.考查连词。句意:在一项对 200 个国家 33 年体重指数趋势的研究中,科学家们发现,世界各地的人们体重越来越重,而这主要是由于农村地区体重指数的增加。分析句子结构可知,that people worldwide are getting heavier 和 that most of the rise is due to gains in BMI in rural areas 都是 found 引导的宾语从句,是并列关系,故填 and。

 2.考查定语从句关系代词。句意:BMI 是一种国际公认的测量工具,它可以显示一个人的体重是否健康。分析句子结构可知,tool 是先行词,且在从句中做主语,故填 that/which。

 3.考查名词所有格。句意:它的计算方法是用一个人的体重(公斤)除以身高(米)的平方,BMI 在 19 到 25之间被认为是健康的。分析句子结构可知,person 是修饰 weight 的,用 person 的名词所有格 person’s。故填person’s。

 4.考查动词被动语态。分析句子结构可知,句子缺少谓语,主语(a BMI)是单数,时态是一般现在时,且主语和 consider 是表被动关系,故填 is considered。

 优 选 例 题

 5.考查介词。句意:研究发现,1985 年至 2017 年间,农村女性和男性的平均 BMI 增加了 2.1。increase by 表示“增加了”;increase to 表示“增加到”。根据正常的成人 BMI 数值(18.5-23.9)可知,increase by 符合语境,故填 by。

 6.考查主谓一致和动词时态。句意:然而,在城市中,女性增加了 1.3,男性增加了 1.6。分析句子结构可知,句子缺少谓语,主语(gain)是单数,时态是一般过去时,故填 was。

 7.考查非谓语动词。句意:1985 年,在被研究的国家中,超过四分之三的城市男性和女性的 BMIs 高于农村地区的男性和女性。分析句子结构可知,句子的谓语是 had,所以 study 用非谓语形式,它的逻辑主语是 countries,表被动关系,故填 studied。

 8.考查副词。句意:但 30 年后,许多国家城市和农村人口的 BMI 差异大幅缩小。分析句子结构可知,sharp是要修饰动词 narrow,用 sharp 的副词形式 sharply。故填 sharply。

 9.考查非谓语动词。句意:这可能是由于生活在农村的人有一些不利条件,包括收入和教育水平偏低,健康食品成本较高,体育设施不健全。分析句子结构可知,句子已有谓语动词 may be,故 live 用非谓语形式,它的逻辑主语是 people,表主动关系,做定语,用现在分词形式,故填 living。

 10.考查形容词比较级。分析句子结构可知,including 说明的是一些不利条件,且后面有 higher 和 fewer,是并列关系,所以 low 也应该用比较级形式,故填 lower。

 B 【2020·全国 I 卷】

 China has become the first country to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The unmanned Chang’e-4 probe(探测器) — the name was inspired by an ancient Chinese moon goddess —


 (touch) down last week in the South Pole-Aitken basin. Landing on the moon’s far side is


 (extreme) challenging. Because the moon’s body blocks direct radio communication with a probe, China first had to put a satellite in orbit above the moon in a spot


  it could send signals to the spacecraft and to Earth. The far side of the moon is of particular


 (interesting) to scientists because it has a lot of deep craters(环形山), more so


  the familiar near side. Chinese researchers hope to use the instruments onboard Chang’e-4


 (find) and study areas of the South Pole-Aitken basin. “This really excites scientists,” Carle Pieters, a scientist at Brown University, says, “because it


 (mean) we have the chance to obtain information about how the moon


 (construct).” Data about the moon’s composition, such as how


  ice and other treasures it contains, could help China decide whether


 (it) plans for a future lunar (月球的) base are practical. 【答案】

 11. touched

 12. extremely

 13. where

 14. interest

 15. than 16. to find

  17. means

  18. is constructed

 19. much

 20. its


 11.考查动词。根据句子结构分析可知此处为谓语动词,根据时间状语 last week 可知此处应用一般过去时,故填 touched。

 12.考查形容词。根据句子成分分析可知此处需要用副词修饰形容词 challenging,故填 extremely。

 13.考查定语从句。分析句子可知,从句“it could send signals to the spacecraft and to Earth”不缺主谓宾,缺状语,而先行词 spot 为地点,故填 where。

 14.考查名词。根据 be of+名词相当于形容词的结构,可知此处应用名词,故填 interest。

 15.考查介词。根据句子中 more 可知此处应该用比较级,故填 than。

 16.考查非谓语动词。此处应用不定式表示目的,故填 to find。

 17.考查时态和主谓一致。分析句子可知,此处为陈述一般事实,故用一般现在时,且主语为 it,故填 means。

 18.考查时态语态和主谓一致。根据句子成分分析可知,此句同上一句的时态,且 moon 与 construct 为被动关系,故填 is constructed。

 19.考查固定搭配。how much:多少,故填 much。

 20.考查代词。分析句子可知,此处指它的计划,名词 plans 可知空格处应用 it 的形容词性物主代词,故填 its。

 A Czech people are really good at celebrating and holding


 (party). As I graduated this year, I experienced a lot of this firsthand. The greatest event for us was the prom(毕业舞会)


 (intend) for graduating students. Many girls started to get their gowns(礼服) ready a month


  advance. Graduating students also needed to give their “Midnight Surprise”, a group


 (perform). At the end of April, we held the traditional activity called “The Last Ringing”, which lasted for two days.


  impressed us most was that some graduates prepared


 (taste) desserts and food to sell, wearing different 模 拟 优 练

 costumes. By the end of May, we had finished all of the final exams and we started preparing for the graduation ceremony. It


 (hold)successfully in the conference hall in our school. Many parents came, too. At


  ceremony, we got our graduation certificate from our class teacher. When


 (receive)my certificate, I tried


 (fight)back my tears — I didn’t want to say goodbye to my teachers and classmates.

 B Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP), people all over the world are wearing masks


 (reduce) the risk of infection. It’s a very simple


  incredibly effective method to protect oneself from a


 (various) of harmful things. The fact is


  masks have been helping mankind for centuries. In the first century, many people in Roman Empire


 (work) underground in mines to support their families. But most of them suffered


  and even eventually died of respiratory(呼吸的) illnesses. To address this problem, Pliny the Elder(23-79 AD), a Roman philosopher and naturalist, recommended the use of animal bladder(膀胱) skins to stop dust from being breathed in. Although primitive, his idea


 (consider) the very first recorded mask invention. With several outbreaks of


 (infect) diseases and the flu, and the rise of pollution caused by industrial waste, the materials in masks have continued to evolve to


 (well) protect its wearer. For example, in 2012 when China suffered from smog, mask models such as N95 and KN90, which can filter out this fine particulate(微粒) matter, became highly popular. In the future, masks will continue to improve, hopefully


  will the habits of humans.

 C The silent killer — air pollution causes seven million premature(过早的)


 (death) a year, not just in


 (develop) countries but also in UK and the USA as well. In China, people are well aware of the health problems it brings. I check every part every day. If it has heavy air pollution, I will prepare masks for my family. I dislike


  when the air is bad. Because bad air makes it difficult for me to breathe and I think it does influence my


 (perform) at work. A new research in china has also found a link between air quality and levels of intelligence. In the study, 25,000 people living across China


 (test) in language and math skills last year. They found the results of those


  lived in more polluted areas were


 (negative) impacted, especially in languages. It adds to a growing body of evidence that air pollution has an effect not just on the lungs and heart


  on the brain. This research shows that the longer we are exposed to air pollution, the


 (many) problems we’re storing up for later life. Campaigners hope this study will persuade the British government


 (think) hard before it publishes its clean air strategy next year.

  D English perfectly shows the “network effects” of a global tongue: the more people use it, the more useful it is. Parents expect their children


 (master) English, which is encouraging the


 (grow) of private schooling. Education authorities are switching to English medium, in part to control the outflow(外流) of children into the private sector. Teaching children in English is fine if that is


  they speak at home and their parents are fluent


  it. But that is not


  case in most public and low-cost private schools. Children are taught in a language they don’t understand by teachers


  English is poor. The children learn neither English nor anything else. Research shows that children learn


 (much) when they are taught in their mother tongue than they do when they are taught in any other language. In a study of children in 12 schools in Cameroon last month, those taught in Kom


 (do) better than those taught in English in all subjects. English should be an important subject at school, but not


 (necessary) t...

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