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【导语】演讲稿也叫演讲词,它是在较为隆重的仪式上和某些公众场合发表的讲话文稿。大范文网整理的范文“最新英语演讲稿开头范文”,供大家阅读参考。查看更多相关内容 ,请访问演讲稿频道。 篇一 Nothing is impossible to a willing heart



When I looked at the calendar this morning, I found that today is the one-year anniversary of me joining the corporation. It is my pleasure to be lucky enough to stand here and give a speech to all of you on such a special day.


For me, however, my job is very meaningful. The experience gained from it helps me a lot, not only for that it gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people from almost everywhere, but also that I can learn a lot from different people around me in the workplace. As most of them always find ways to develop their talents. During this year, I am able to see that I am changing every day. With the help and under the influence of my outstanding colleagues, I have grown into a career-woman from a rookie.


A motivational and inspirational movie named whose youth is not confused is coming soon, which is written by a famous young writer Liu Tong. Fortunately, I never feel confused. I always firmly believe that as long as I love something, I will definitely be about to get it done well. My strong belief owes to my mom, as she never hesitate chasing for her dreams. She even went to Shanghai alone while took the vocational skills examinations during her pregnancy. Since my early childhood, I remembered that there are two desks in my house, one for mom, one for me. We do homework together every night. The only difference between us is that she set homework for her own, which makes it easier to understand why she managed to get 3 certificates in only three-years times. Even now, she still always put many books on the table by the bed. She is my idol now and forever, and someone who I will always be proud of. One day, I may become someone like her.


To make the full use of every minute of my life and not to feel guilty in heart, I never stop striving to improve myself, to perfect myself. A good enterprise always comes with the culture that triggers self-improvement from everyone involved. As Steve Jobs said: stay hungry, stay foolish.

我不断努力,就是为了让老年的自己,在回首过往时,能由衷地为过去的自己感到骄傲!最完美的企业精神,莫过于让员工拥有不断向前的动力。就像乔布斯所说:求知若饥,虚心若愚。 篇二 Young man should have a great ambition and be quick in action



Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!


My name is Linan ,from the group of communication and training.


I am so happy to stand here to give a speech to all of you.


The topic of my speech is Young man should have a great ambition and be quick in action.


Everybody knows that it’s important for a company,a team ,a person to have a great ambition,which can give us power and lead us to make a target.


unfortunately,most people are the giants of thought and the dwarfs of action. Why?


Because it’s easily to make a decision but hard to put it into practice.


Do you remember all those years when you said again and again that you could lose weight but finally failed?


I have no time to do exercise!My boyfriend don’t supervise me!I’m so hungry that I have no energy to run!


Liar!WuZhengQi did it,right?


Actually,what you need to do is just wash the first dish.


The main point of washing dishes theory is that if you start to wash the first dish in the kitchen,you can finish the rest of them. Every dish is the first one.


When I came to the new group,I knew that the Internet would be the main form of service industry.


But I didn’t know much about the internet,except that it changes constantly.


So I had no choice but to learn many things about Internet.


I read 3 books in two months,which are Wechat Marketing And Operation,The Sense Of Participation ,and The Adweek Copyright Handbook.


Even though I just wash 3 dishes,I am on the road of expedition,right?


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